When purchasing the Complete 5 Step Routine you have the option of purchasing with a membership. But aside from the loyalty discounts, what does the Saranghae membership get you?

Our Complete 5-Step VIP membership program is NOT like any other subscription program. How are we different? You do NOT pay a monthly subscription fee, because there is no monthly subscription. That’s sooo yesterday!

So what is it?

Our VIP membership program is a PERSONALIZED auto-replenish program that auto-ships your Complete 5-step bundle when YOU want them. AND you receive loyalty discounts for future shipments just for being a member.

Here’s how it works

Purchase the Complete 5-step membership bundle and on your 1st purchase you save $30 immediately.

You are automatically scheduled to receive new shipments every 45 days, BUT THAT IS ONLY THE DEFAULT STARTING POINT

We will personalize your delivery schedule to any cadence you wish. 30 days? 60 days? 145 days? Yes, Yes and Yes! The point is it’s totally up to you. And you can personalize as many times as you want. No extra fees, no charge, no problems.

You wish to cancel? That would suck, but cancel no problems, no fees and absolutely no surprises anytime you wish.

Now let’s talk about those savings. You save because we love you.

  • On your first order: $189 (savings of $30)
  • On your second order: $169 (savings of $50)
  • Your third order: $149 (savings of $70)
  • 4th and all subsequent orders? Your price is $149

Oh, did we mention that when you remain an active member we honor this price for life? What!? Yes, Yes, it’s also true.

If you wish to make ANY changes to your membership (frequency of delivery, file update), all you need to do is contact our fabulous customer care team. Our customer care team is always ready to help serve you. Simply email customercare@lovesaranghae.com.

Lastly, have I mentioned our return policy yet? We have a 45 day full money back guarantee on all purchases!


About Saranghae

Saranghae is an award winning "#Korean inspired anti aging skin care routine" that heals, regenerates and protects your skin. Our active ingredients are a combination of 10 Asian botanicals that are extremely high in antioxidants and amino acids. Saranghae is based on a highly secretive 600 year old formulation that has been passed through generations.

To learn more about the benefits of Korean Skin Care, Saranghae's Korean 5 Step Anti Aging Skin Care Routine and Saranghae Customer Reviews & Testimonals

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