Everyday I am touched, motivated and excited by the work and support of our Saranghae partners. When working with content creators from all over the country, I was intrigued to see how one open ended question would be heard across different lifestyles. So, we asked them – What does women empowerment mean to you? Que the inspiration…

When a woman realizes her true beauty – that goes far beyond the physical; when she realizes that she’s loved and fully accepted as she is, there’s no stopping her. She is fierce, loyal and a warrior for those she loves. She is empowered and there’s no measuring the strength of femininity. – Chrissy Rowden 

Women empowerment means showing my daughter that I love myself… all of myself (inside and out). It’s always looking in the mirror with a smile instead of a frown. Showing my daughter that you decide if you think you are beautiful and worthy is my definition of women empowerment. – Meghan Simonie

For me, it’s being able to wake up and choose how I begin and end my day, and who I help along the way. It’s being able to make choices and decisions in my life, without having to care about naysayers and look for other’s approvals. Rejections and failures make me stronger, acceptances guide me to more success. – Kat Lieu

To me it means being myself and not falling prey to trends or other people’s idea of who I should be. Following my heart and my head in what I purse, what I do, what I say, etc. Accepting my uniqueness and standing out not fitting in. – Rosca Patricia

I think women empowerment is showing our authentic self on social media. I also think it means not competing or comparing ourselves to other strong women! – Jennifer Flavell

The essence of Women’s Empowerment is a woman giving herself permission to be herself. It’s turning within and learning that the power was there all along. It’s a beautiful, internal power…the power to believe in herself! – Catherine Grace O’Connell

Women empowerment is being who you are and not what anybody else wants you to be. We are fortunate in this country that we have that freedom! – Karen Serino

Woman empowerment is knowing that even when you feel lost, less than, or weak, you can pick yourself back up and fix your crown. Not only for yourself, but to do that for others as well.
My daughter is 9 and we do his for EACH OTHER and the people we love ALL THE TIME. – Christine Foster

Wow. I’m Inspired.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Who are we trying to kid? We’re all crying. Take this inspiration and tackle your day. You are powerful, you are empowered and you are inspiring.

Love, Saranghae.

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