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The Power of a Good Eye Cream


Have you ever felt that the areas around your eyes are looking a little dull?  If you have, the right eye cream could be your eyes superhero. When you already have a moisturizer for your face, purchasing an eye cream may seem a little redundant.  However, it is necessary, as the skin around your eyes…

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The Y-Zone

Fair Neck : Natural Home Remedies

So, I was asked to write a blog about the ‘Y-Zone’. Without thought I said ‘sure, no problem!’ (as I regularly do), but then it dawned on me.. I do not know what the ‘Y-Zone’ is. This then brought me to the realization, how many other people out there do not know what this clever…


Saranghae Blogger Spotlight — Ruth Ohashi


For the month of March, we would like to put the spotlight on Ruth Ohashi! Ruth is one our fabulous bloggers who runs the site We couldn’t more thrilled to share with everyone a little bit more about all things Ruth! Read her Q & A now.     How would you describe your skin…

Skin care

The Precious Benefits of GOLD!


Gold; it’s luxurious and bright, it sparkles and glows. But I am sure many of us are wondering if these qualities can be transferred to your skin when used it is used in skincare. The short answer — YES! However, beyond providing you with a special glow, gold has many benefits when formulated into skincare…