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The Saranghae Spa Band


NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW For some people, after long day there is nothing better than going home to relax. And after a long day before bed, the 5 minutes you dedicate to self care can seem like a luxurious spa retreat. The Complete 5 Step Routine is luxury at its finest.. making you feel…


A Saranghae #LoveStory with Linda Martinez

Linda M

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and perhaps 1 thing people might be surprised to know My name is Linda I live in North Hollywood, CA. I am 50 years old, lived in Southern California all my life. I work in a law firm for over 30 years and I enjoy working out, spending time with my…

Skin care

Applying Your Skin Care with FortyPlusTen


I had been applying my skin care products incorrectly all through my twenties and thirties. So, don’t feel bad if you find that you are. It’s interesting how as women, there are things we’re “supposed” to, somehow already know. Like, how to apply skin care products amongst a ton of other things! Anyway, this is…


The Scoop: Let’s Talk Green Tea Extract

charcoal_green tea

Many of us have heard about the wonderful benefits of green tea when consumed in drink form.. but do you know what it can do for your skin? First things first – products containing green tea can only be effective if they contain a sufficient amount of high-quality green tea extract. What makes green tea…