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Positive Change in the Beauty World

positive change

Saranghae is going to shed some light on the POSITIVE change happening in the beauty world. We are going to highlight those leading the way for positive change and the new trend setters! One of our initiatives over at Saranghae is HOW do we make people across North American feel more confident in their skin? How…

Skin care

All About Skin Types


Saranghae is a Korean 5 step anti aging skin care routine and is designed for most skin types. No matter your skin type, Saranghae’s routine has been carefully formulated to ensure that you will not experience any negative side effects. However, Saranghae is not perfect for absolutely everyone. So, let’s explore your skin type and…


Summer DIYs for Beauty Queens


Tis’ the season to pour a glass of sangria, pull out the Adirondack chairs and do some awesome DIYs. Summer isn’t just about posting the most adorable Instagram’s by the pool or spending every waking hour in the sunshine, it’s also about finding your inner craft queen and DIYin’ your life away. For us beauty…


Timeless Beauty Looks


Trying to keep up with beauty trends can be demanding and not too mention can leave you looking dated. Luckily, many beauty looks have stood the test of time, proving that when in doubt reference your favorite icon. It is guaranteed that you will look classic, cool and super chic when taking inspiration from any…