“I didn’t run away from cancer, I ran towards it so I could help someone else.” – Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Denee Jones is the founder, executive director and spokesperson of PinkChoseMe Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to spreading breast cancer awareness and supporting women diagnosed with the disease. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Tiffany understands first-hand the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual impact a life-threatening disease can have, which is why she has dedicated her life to educating and helping others fight this illness.

Tiffany is now a co-star of the original TV docu-series, Love in the City, airing on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. On the show, viewers get to travel along with Tiffany as she navigates the ups and downs of running her nonprofit organization, maintaining close friendships and being in love in New York City. Despite her many hobbies and talents, it is her philanthropic work that she finds most gratifying.

We asked Tiffany about her love for helping others, beauty and self love…

Everything that PinkChoseMe embodies is so inspiring. Please share the story of the beginning phases of your foundation.

The beginning of PinkChoseMe… the idea came to my thoughts while I was doing radiation. I was reading to another patients wife whom traveled to the United States to undergo treatment. The couple was older and English wasn’t very good. I could see she was nervous so I would read The NY Times to her. We would see each other every day so our meetings were anticipated. It was a Thursday, I was reading the times to her and an article with women dressed in Pink were walking for breast cancer in Central Park and the women were happy… it was the first time I asked God “why” why was I in the base of a hospital being zapped by radiation and where were people, women like me? That’s when PinkChoseme Foundation came to life. I wrote Pinkchoseme on The NY Times newspaper and from there I got to work.

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of PinkChoseMe?

The most fulfilling aspect of PinkChoseMe Foundation, we focus on while you are going through treatment you don’t have to put your head in the sand and give up. PinkChoseMe Foundation is here to help negative, educate, support, encourage and uplift all women in their fight against breast cancer being as fabulous and free as you possibly can!

What are your go to words of wisdom for someone who is going through breast cancer?

The words of wisdom I would give to someone going through breast cancer. First and for most while you are being challenged with your existence. Know it’s no one fault, follow your doctors suggestions with proper support take allows you to be comfortable and safe during your treatment. Surround with yourself with the things you love and people who love you.

What advice would you offer to women struggling with self confidence?

The advice I would give to someone struggling with self confidence would be “don’t take yourself so seriously” your career, relationship live your truth and know you can only do the best you can.

What is your favorite step of a beauty/skin care routine?

Focus Renewal Eye Cream!

Picture this. You’re about to get stranded on an island for a month and you’re only allowed to bring one skin care product. What is it?

The one beauty product I never leave home without is eye cream.

What skin care advice would you give to younger Tiffany?

The skin advice I would give to the younger Tiffany would be… you can not drink enough water.

What changes have you seen in your skin since using Saranghae?

Right after using Sara skin care. I visibly saw my skin glowing and soft not sticky.

What surprised you most about your Saranghae Complete 5 Step Routine?

The surprise element using Saranghae. The aroma of the products made this experience delightful. I am extremely sensitive to smell and with each step, each product it soothe me.

What is the first word that comes to your mind when someone says: Self Love?

I think of a consistent love language with yourself. We as humans know our limits and we sometimes push our limits. When I hear self love I hear the voice being true to yourself with anyone and everything that surrounds you.

Where can we find out more about PinkChoseMe and the fabulous Tiffany Jones?

You can find out more about PinkChoseMe Foundation through our website and social media. We are also working on a new awareness campaign that should roll out end of summer 2018.

On behalf of the entire Saranghae Marketing Team, I would like to thank Tiffany for being a supporter, advocate and lover of Saranghae. A true inspiration, we will continue to support PinkChoseMe and Tiffany.

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