A Saranghae #LoveStory with Dr. Jackie Kern

By on June 22, 2018

Who is Dr. Jackie Kern?

I am a creative visual artist, published author, former art teacher, former adjunct art professor, former university administrator, current home stager, sometimes makeup artist, and now Director of Operations for my husband’s real estate business—the John Kern Group at Platinum Properties/A Keyes Family Company. I am passionate about promoting people to be their very best while celebrating their achievements and nurturing positive attitudes for success. Living in South Florida, my husband John and I have one son named John, Jr. and a rescued dog named Weaver. As a family, the we love to boat on our beloved vessel known as the Kernsy.

Through all your work and different careers what has been most fulfilling?

My passion for teaching culminated in me earning my Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning with a minor in Visual Arts. Even though I have held several university administrative positions, like Director of Academic Affairs, the classroom was my stage where I came alive. I loved teaching Art Appreciation, Art History 1 & 2, Drawing 1, and Design Fundamentals at the college level. Now I love promoting my husband’s real estate business even more. Every day is something new and exciting whether I am building positive and lasting customer and community trust in relationships, creating a targeted marketing plan, or staging a home to be photographed. My husband’s deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit has really influenced me to soar beyond traditional career boundaries.

How would you express your journey to self-love in 3 words?

Embrace Your Imperfections!

What advice would you share with someone who is also in their mid-50’s but struggling with confidence?

When one of my students would claim that she could not go back to school and pursue a degree or a career because she was going to be 50 something, I would say: “You are going to be 50 something anyway. You might as well have the degree and career you want to go along with it!” For anyone struggling with confidence, do NOT be afraid of your own power—your power to succeed and make a difference in this world should never be diminished by yourself or anyone else! Also, you must hone, relish, and share your talents—they make you unique and thus feed your confidence! When I worked with students with disabilities, I always felt it was my privilege and honor to help them succeed and be confident in their achievements.

How do you feel when you have the opportunity to help someone feel beautiful?

As an artist, a face is an extension of the canvas! I always enjoy doing makeup for friends and family for their special occasions: weddings, proms, graduation photos, etc. When I do a woman’s makeup, I continually tell her how beautiful she is! I love it when she gets to look in the mirror after I am done to see her true beauty shine! In our humanity, outward appearances are tied to self-worth. Self-loathing is rampant; imperfections are under spotlights. Each day, we must find something kind to say to someone: your hair looks great, love your style, what a beautiful smile, etc. Then take it further: you are so talented, you are very brave, you handled that tough situation smoothly, congratulations on your award, etc. Let’s join the outward with the inward to create whole beauty! Now more than ever with social media and cyber bullying, we must be kind to all human beings who are trying to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. That’s powerful! It takes nothing away from us and multiples our peace, joy, and blessings. Always heap on praise and celebrate one another!

You are so passionate about the well-being of others, what has helped you remember to take time and care for yourself?

Ever since I was a little girl, I had my self-care rituals. I would sit at the kitchen table, put my head over a ceramic mixing bowl of steaming chamomile tea, and then place a towel over my head to get a steam facial. Additionally, I would make my own masks out of honey and oatmeal and apply them after my steam facial. I always loved to research and read about skincare products and learn about different ingredients. Healing foods, a Keto diet, long walks, hot baths, naps, and devotional prayer and worship time help me stay grounded, healthy, and refreshed. Now that I have discovered Saranghae, my self-care ritual includes the 5 Step Routine. Once a week, I apply a Saranghae sheet mask to my face after a soothing soak in the tub. Then I get in bed under the covers and rest for at least 15 to 20 minutes while the mask works wonders!

You shared you have tried it all, from the A-Z of skincare, what is the most important aspect of your skincare routine?

It all begins with cleansing! I am a big believer in purging stuff from my life that no longer serves and elevates me. That goes for my skin as well. Clean skin is the beginning of anything great! And never under estimate the power of a great eye cream—it’s like a good bra! Now that I have found Saranghae, I need not look further! I have my routine for life!

How did your Saranghae Love Story begin?

I saw an ad for Saranghae, and I was intrigued and clicked the link. After reading about it, I thought “I have to try this!” When my sister told me that she bought the 5 Step Routine Bundle with a membership and loved it, I made my commitment to try it too. I purchased the cleanser first because I knew if the cleanser was good, I would proceed from there. Remember, it all begins with cleansing! I love the cleanser—my eyes do not burn or tear up and my face feels clean and amazingly smooth! I took the plunge and bought the 5 Step Routine Bundle with a membership!

What surprised you most about Saranghae?

It is luxurious, it is affordable, and it WORKS!!! Economically, you will be saving money in the long run because you won’t need to buy any more skin care items at the department or drug store. The Saranghae packaging is divine and what’s inside is heavenly!

Would you recommend Saranghae to a friend?

Absolutely, and I have already recommended it! Run, do not walk, to place your order!!!

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with their confidence as they are experiencing signs of aging?

My three words of self-love: Embrace Your Imperfections! Truly, our imperfections make us unique and most importantly—interesting! Rock every age and every weight! Life is too short (truly, not a cliché) to get stuck on what you don’t like. We must celebrate ourselves! I refuse to get injections and fillers in my face. I will just use my Saranghae!

What has been your favorite aspect of your Saranghae Love Story?

Writing my answers to these questions! I feel so empowered! Thank you, Saranghae! Not only are you in the business to help us with potently effective yet luxurious and healthy skincare products, you make us feel powerful on the inside too! That’s what’s truly beautiful!

Now to end it all, share 3 fun facts about yourself!!

1. When I was a little girl, I used to perform soap operas alone in my room and play all the characters. I had purses, wigs, high heels, tea cups, dresses, etc. Besides soap operas, I performed variety shows too. I would stand in the shower fully dressed and then open the curtain like I was Carol Burnett and announce to my imaginary audience “I have a really great show for you tonight!”

2. My artwork has always had a constant thread—fun interior scenes with bold bright
colors one could find in a wonderful space! Whether playing house, playing with doll houses, imagining the interiors of homes, creating still life paintings of charming interior spaces, or staging homes professionally, I love the creative possibilities of houses of all kinds! My current artwork returns to the theme of interiors—imaginary joyful and colorful spaces that welcome the viewer to join! www.JackieKern.com


3. I am best friends with Jay and Beth Robb of Jay Robb Protein: The Best-Tasting Protein On The Planet® and have a smoothie every day!

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