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By on March 8, 2018


For the month of March, we would like to put the spotlight on Ruth Ohashi! Ruth is one our fabulous bloggers who runs the site We couldn’t more thrilled to share with everyone a little bit more about all things Ruth!

Read her Q & A now.



How would you describe your skin type?

I’ve had oily skin for as long as I can remember, and consequently, large, visible pores. Over time and with aging, though, my skin has developed some dry spots and rosacea, resulting in red, dry patches in certain areas. I’m now left with trying to reverse the damage and scarring from cystic acne in my youth and address my current problems of rosacea.

What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin since using Saranghae?

For me the biggest change I noticed were with my pores – they appear much smaller! But also, I don’t have to use any green based primer to cancel out redness because my skin tone has evened out significantly. As an added bonus, I’ve noticed a lot less wrinkles around my eyes and forehead.

What is your favorite Saranghae product and why?

This is a tough question! It’s a tie between the Deep Radiance Essence + Serum and the Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser for me. The Elemental Sheet Mask if a close runner-up. The serum simply sinks into my skin effortlessly and leaves behind almost no residue and with applying this twice a day, I’ve noticed both immediate and long-term results. The cleanser makes my skin feel incredibly soft and clean without drying it out and it’s also so pretty to look at because of the flecks of gold!

What surprised you the most when using your Complete 5 Step Routine?

How quickly I was able to see results. Just within the first couple weeks of use I noticed my pores shrink. And my redness subsided within just three weeks.

What was your skincare routine before you introduced Saranghae?

It was a hodgepodge of multiple skincare products and I used some regularly and some aimlessly with very little positive results. I tried both drugstore and department store brands – they’ve since been dumped! When I cleaned out my makeup at the end of the year while organizing, I loaded up almost an entire box of mostly skincare products!

What is one step in a skin care routine that you cannot live without?

Taking off your makeup! I think this step is absolutely necessary – if I go one day without that crucial part of the routine, I pay for it dearly the next day.

What is your biggest skin care faux pas?

Falsely believing that I had to buy expensive luxury skincare products to get something that would work on my skin. This is absolutely not true, and Saranghae proves that by offering affordable skincare products that actually work and contain top notch ingredients.

How would you rate the importance of skin care from 1-10? Why?

10! A large part of being happy with the way you look and feel has to do with your skin. I would know this through personal experience! Taking care of your skin is so important, not just for your health, but also your self-confidence!

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