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By on February 8, 2018


For February’s blogger spotlight, we will be introducing Jenny Murphy! Jenny is one our fabulous bloggers who runs the site We couldn’t more thrilled to share with everyone a little bit more about all things Jenny!

Read her Q & A now.


How would you describe your skin type?
My skin is pretty normal in fall, winter, and spring, but in the summer it turns into combination skin and gets a bit shiny in the t-zone and chin area. Although my cheeks and eye areas tend to be normal to dry most of the time, I do get the occasional blemish…uh…about once a month.

What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin since using Saranghae?
Since I started using Saranghae, I haven’t gotten the dry patches I used to get every winter. Also, the fine lines around my eyes and mouth area have been reduced quite a bit. The coolest thing, though, is how my skin feels! It feels soft, resilient, and dewy, where in the past it always felt sort of tight, lacking elasticity, especially after washing. My skin looks smoother and fresher, and honestly my cheeks feel almost like my 8-year-old son’s cheeks do! I love that my skin looks and feels younger and healthier all around.

What is your favorite Saranghae product and why?
It’s hard to pick one favorite product (it’s almost a 3-way tie between the cleanser, the serum, and the moisturizer), but if I had to I’d choose, I’d say the cleanser. Before I started using the Saranghae cleanser, I had to scrub at my eyes to get the mascara off. The oil form of this cleanser easily melts off my waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and then when I add water it foams up nicely and gives me a tingly, fresh and clean feeling.

What surprised you the most when using your Complete 5 Step Routine?
When I heard it was a 5-step routine, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t keep up with it. Five steps? Who’s got time for that once, let alone twice, per day? Turns out, I do! It takes me all of a couple of minutes to do the daily steps, and the 5th step is a mask that you only do every now and then. I’m usually able to find an odd 20 minutes after the kids are in bed once every few weeks to do the mask (especially since I can wear it while I’m doing other things around the house). The Saranghae routine has actually become just that for me: a quick daily routine!

What was your skincare routine before you introduced Saranghae?
I’ve been lazy about skincare my whole life…going to bed with my makeup on every night and then struggling to get it off in the morning was my norm before Saranghae. I would just wash my face in the shower with body wash after working out. If it was really dry in the winter I’d occasionally slap on some drugstore moisturizer. Now I actually look forward to doing the routine at night and again in the morning – it feels SO good, and with the results I’m seeing, I’m continually motivated to keep it up. As a bonus, my eyelashes are actually filling in a little more since I’m not wiping them so hard and pulling them out every morning to get the day-old mascara off. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been responsible about skincare! Although I will admit, I still need to work on making sunscreen a daily habit…. Baby steps.

What is one step in a skin care routine that you cannot live without?
Now that I’ve become obsessed with the Saranghae routine, I’d say aside from cleansing, I really can’t live without the serum and moisturizer. Those two steps give my skin the one-two punch it needs to look and feel renewed and fresh. I guess I just listed three steps and you only asked for one…..sorry about that.

What is your biggest skin care faux pas?
Even though I am 1000 times better about doing the skincare routine at bedtime, there are still days every now and then when I’m so tired at night that I just fall straight into bed without taking care of my skin. Or brushing. #TMI

What is skin care advice you would share with your younger self?
I would tell my younger self to get in the habit of taking off the day’s makeup before going to bed. I never used to do that before, and now that I do, I think it makes a big difference in my skin. It doesn’t take as long as I thought it would, and the benefits are huge. It also feels better to “wash off the day,” both literally and figuratively, before going to sleep at night.

How would you rate the importance of skin care from 1-10? Why?
If you had asked me to rate the importance of skin care even a year ago, I probably would have said 3. This is because I’ve been lucky enough to have pretty normal skin that hasn’t given me a lot of trouble over the years. However, I’m now nearing 50 and since I’ve started taking better care of my skin on a daily basis these last few months, I’m seeing that it really does make a difference in the way you look and feel. Because of that, I now rate it as an 8/10.

Would you recommend to a friend?
YES, yes, and yes! In fact, I have had several friends tell me lately how smooth and radiant my skin looks. When I tell them that I started using a Korean 5-step routine a few months ago, they immediately want to know what it is and where to get it, so I tell them all about it. I’ve been surprised at how many people have noticed and commented about how healthy and youthful my skin looks lately! I credit it to the Saranghae routine, because no one ever used to say anything about my skin at all up until recently. Probably because they were politely trying to avoid staring at the smudges under my eyes from yesterday’s mascara.

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