Saranghae is going to shed some light on the POSITIVE change happening in the beauty world. We are going to highlight those leading the way for positive change and the new trend setters!

One of our initiatives over at Saranghae is HOW do we make people across North American feel more confident in their skin? How do we effectively spread this message of self-love and individuality when society has it’s way of categorizing us by skin tone and different standards of beauty?

There are many impeding factors which contribute to our self perceptions and beauty standards in this digital era. And many of these factors can be harmful or unrealistic. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Each person can have a personal platform on social media with the ability to have their voice heard too. 

Take a look at some noteworthy strides of positive change. Here are some people and companies which are representing diversity and practicing inclusivity:

  • Covergirl welcomed a diverse range of new spokes-models. Women of color like Ayesha Curry and Issa Rae, grandmother Maye Musk, and motorcycle road racer Shelina Moreda.
  • Fenty Beauty is a lighthouse. It’s a brand that includes almost exclusively people of color in its campaigns. Fenty creates products for every skin color, with 40 shades in the line!
  • Lancôme signed Lupita Nyong’o as the brand’s first Black beauty ambassador. Lupita is very vocal about her African heritage and fully embraces her natural beauty.
  • The emergence of male makeup artists like Patrick Star, Manny MUA, James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Makeup by Mario are changing the beauty game!
  • Similar to Fenty, Kylie Jenner released a new line of concealers. This line will be available in 30 different shades.
  • Saranghae is always trying to spread the message of self love and confidence.  Saranghae includes men, women, and everyday customers in our campaigns! 😉

Because of this, there seems to be a recurring theme that I personally cannot get enough of. The theme I am talking about people speaking up about issues surrounding diversity and inclusivity, FINALLY. Fair representation within the beauty world is vital. We are thrilled to see these positive changes taking place and different brands getting on board.

Since social media holds a lot of power, it is the people who use it that can also change the beauty world.

We can all be leaders and advocates of change for what we believe in.

Beauty is everywhere, let’s shine the spotlight and applaud those leading the way in positive change!

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