My Saranghae Story – Acne & Hyper-pigmentation

Sarah Schwab By on July 16, 2018

When I first began using Saranghae, I have to admit I didn’t have very high hopes. I struggle with sensitive, acne prone skin and have tried just about every product, pill, and diet on the market to no avail.

I began using the Saranghae five step system morning and night, and over the first week I began to notice major improvements. My acne was clearing up and my scarring was diminishing. By week three, I had no new pimples and by week five my acne scarring was so diminished that I actually felt comfortable leaving the house without makeup on (I used to spend HOURS on my makeup to cover up all of my acne marks and hyper-pigmentation).


This system is the only thing that has ever worked and I want to shout it on the rooftops!

When I say nothing else has worked for my skin before, I mean it. I have tried everything topical product imaginable: super drying benzoyl peroxide, horrible smelling neem oil, harsh vitamin C, and snail mucin (…seriously) just to name a few. All left my skin over-sensitive, dry, and worse than before. I began taking a mountain of supplements daily, yet all that did was give me a stomach ache. Then I tried switching up my diet, which led to a cycle of unhealthy restriction of almost every type of food. I was constantly worried about what I was eating in fear that it would break me out. Even with all of this hard work, constant research, and plentiful lifestyle changes, nothing worked and new pimples seemed to pop up every morning. Finally, after two years of struggling, I found a solution. It seemed too good to be true, but two months later here I am – I stopped taking my supplements, I cut out all of the harsh face products, and I even eat a cupcake now and again (okay, I eat a lot of cupcakes…) Yet my skin is better than ever.

The entire Five Step System is housed in beautiful metal and glass bottles. It is truly an indulgent experience each time I use it. The face wash is luxurious (with actual gold flecks in it – I mean if that doesn’t spell luxury I don’t know what does!) and so, so gentle. It removes my makeup easily and completely. The Essence + Serum combo is my favorite product of the bunch, and now I would call it my one and only Holy Grail item. The texture is amazing and light, yet so hydrating. The eye cream and moisturizer both have the most incredible, smooth, hydrating feel. I wasn’t expecting much out of the eye cream, as I have pretty dark circles, but this cream has made a noticeable difference in my under eye bags and even the small lines I had under my eyes from occasional dehydration. The system as a whole has reduced my acne (I used to break out in painful, bright red pimples on my chin, around my nose, and on my forehead) and also reduced my acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, which was an added bonus.

For those that suffer with problem skin, you understand the struggle and constant insecurity acne can bring to your life. Saranghae Five Step System has given me my confidence back. I never thought such a simple thing would change my skin so drastically, but two months later I am writing this with a fresh face and glowing skin.


Seriously, what are you waiting for? Join the team and share your story. I can’t wait to see how Saranghae changes your skin like it did mine.  

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