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A Saranghae #LoveStory with Ruth Ohashi


It’s my favorite time! It’s time to learn a little bit more about Ruth, a.k.a and her love story with Saranghae! We Asked, Ruth Answered. Take a look below! Tell us a little bit about yourself, and perhaps 1 thing people might be surprised to know In addition to being a mom and a blogger,…

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How Saranghae will Improve your Skin in 45 Days


Saranghae will NOT promise you 20 years of skin damage or signs of aging gone overnight! We know it doesn’t work that way & want you to know this too. Saranghae instead gives you lasting, healthy and vibrant skin by following three clinically proven phases; heal, regenerate and protect! Going through each phase, Saranghae will…

Lifestyle Skin care

Everything You Need to Know About SPF


We can all agree that the worst part about this beautiful summer weather is lathering yourself in sunscreen before heading out.  While I trust that you probably know you should be using SPF to protect your skin, prior to writing this blog, I did the minimum to protect myself.  A little foundation with built in…

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Learn What Non-Comedogenic Means


What does non-comedogenic mean? Non-comedogenic is a fancy way of saying something will not clog your pores, creating white or blackheads. However, there are many factors which contribute to determining this. When a product has a comedogenic ingredient you must take into consideration the amount found in the formulation, the size of the particles, the…