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Susan Hinojosa


FierceCon LA, 2018


What is FierceCon? FierceCon is an exclusive event for the members of the Forever Fierce Revolution Facebook Group, which has been created by the lovely Catherine Grace O. While the group is predominately women, ages 40 and up, they do have a few approved male members. To join the Facebook Group, please visit Forever Fierce Revolution…


The Saranghae Spa Band


NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW For some people, after long day there is nothing better than going home to relax. And after a long day before bed, the 5 minutes you dedicate to self care can seem like a luxurious spa retreat. The Complete 5 Step Routine is luxury at its finest.. making you feel…

Skin care

How Your Pores APPEAR Smaller After One Use


Have you ever looked in the mirror and been distracted by the size of your pores? I have! It actually happens all the time. It’s a gift of having oily skin. While some skin types are indeed more susceptible to having visibly larger pores, you can make them appear smaller. I emphasize the word appear…

Skin care

The Power of a Good Eye Cream


Have you ever felt that the areas around your eyes are looking a little dull?  If you have, the right eye cream could be your eyes superhero. When you already have a moisturizer for your face, purchasing an eye cream may seem a little redundant.  However, it is necessary, as the skin around your eyes…