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Lauren Smith


We Know How To Make Monday Your Favorite Day!


We all know how it feels to have a rough Monday morning. Your alarm goes off and you feel like you haven’t had a weekend. You’re more likely to be grumpy if you’re tripping over dirty washing on your way out the door and you feel so unorganized that you don’t want to do anything….

Skin care

Whatever The Question… Vitamin C Is Probably The Answer


If you’re here, you already know that vitamin C is good for you. Maybe you take it orally or perhaps you found a serum that really suits you. Either way, you’re doing your skin and body some definite good. But what kind of good? In the interest of some useful, back pocket happy hour conversation (but also,…

Skin care

9 Natural Ingredients to Look For In Your Skin Care


High quality skincare ingredients usually come with an eye-watering price tag – whether it’s pricey serums, youth-enhancing moisturizers or deep cleaning oil cleansers. No longer are we just content with packing skincare with easy to find ingredients, brands are now sourcing more weird and wonderful ingredients that will work wonders on our faces, and keep us safe…

Skin care

3 Steps to Washing Your Face The Right Way


Cleansing your face daily is one of the easiest and most important skin care steps you can do for yourself. Whether you’re prepping your face for a flawless and smooth makeup application in the morning or rinsing away build up and makeup in the evening, it’s important to strike the right balance between a gentle…