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Andrea Theresa


Subtle Ways to Spice up Your Work Look for Halloween


For some of us going to work in a full Bride of Chuckie or Hello Kitty costume just isn’t going to happen. However, for all the Halloween Queens who still want to be festive on the beloved holiday –we’ve got your back. Aside from a mind-blowing makeup look, there are other ways to incorporate Halloween…


Reminders for Fall


A new season calls for some new inspiration. Seasons are changing, fashion trends are evolving and you’ve definitively already spiced up your beauty routine with dark lip colors. What you need now is a few wise words to effortlessly send  you into the cooler months. Here are some reminders that we all need, and especially…


Beauty Trends from NYFW 2017


From technicolor hair to a sultry look, this week at NYFW, beauty trends were all over the board. We’re loving it. We have complied the top show-stopping beauty looks and trends from the Spring 2018 collections at New York Fashion Week. From Sep 7th to 13th, everyone and anyone from the world of fashion joined…