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Andrinique Davis By on April 26, 2018

Are you applying your skin care properly?

I had been applying my skin care products incorrectly all through my twenties and thirties. So, don’t feel bad if you find that you are. It’s interesting how as women, there are things we’re “supposed” to, somehow already know. Like, how to apply skin care products amongst a ton of other things! Anyway, this is my step by step routine on how I apply my skin care products AM and PM. Key things to keep in mind are to let each product dry before adding the next one and pat/press the products in for better absorption.


  • Cleanse your face with the proper cleanser. This will depend on your skin’s needs, so be sure you know what that is. Not all cleansers are oil base and therefore may not remove eye makeup.
  • Toner – apply to the entire face and neck in upward strokes- disclaimer- not all skin types require a toner. I have normal skin and find that I no longer need a toner. Your skin changes with age, and now that I am over forty, toners tend to dry my skin out. So watch out for how your skin response to a toner in your routine.
  • Eye cream- apply using your ring finger, and lightly tap into the eye area in circular motions.
  • Serums- apply in upward strokes and pat into the face and neck. Never apply skin care products using downward strokes, this will pull your skin down and cause sagging and a loss of firmness.
  • Moisturizer- apply same application as serums
  • Sunscreen- THIS is a MUST ! Ensure that your sunscreen is a UVB sunscreen and not just a UVA which is your basic SPF, there’s a big difference! If you are just using an SPF you are not protecting your skin. There are two types of UV light that can harm your skin — UVA and UVB . A broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum, sunscreen protects you from both. UVA rays can prematurely age your skin, causing wrinkling and age spots.

PM ( same application as above)

  • Cleanse
  • Eye cream
  • Serums
  • Moisturizer
  • Face Oil

Good skin care products are an investment, so correct application is key to flawless skin or as flawless as possible lol.

***Tips and Tricks***

For thinning lashes and brows-
In the evenings, I apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my eyelashes and brows to encourage hair growth in those areas, using a mascara spool.
I remember hating my “Brooke Shields ” eyebrows when I was in my twenties, and tweezing them to death, now here I am trying to get them to grow as thick as possible.

Hope this helps to get you on your journey to healthy, radiant and glowing skin!


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