A Saranghae Love Story

Anka Lavriv’s talent caught my eye. She is a visual & tattoo artist out of Brooklyn, New York and originally from Ukraine. Her artwork is breathtaking, and I was inspired by her strong independent woman status dominating in her field, not to mention how beautiful she is! As co-owner of Black Iris Tattoo Shop and Community Event Space, I wanted to know more about her story. With Anka knowing a thing or two about the importance of healthy skin, we got into it; from skin care, to life goals and her road to find confidence.

When I thought about our professions in comparison (I work in marketing), I was able to draw some similarities. Although we have very different roles, we both fit under the umbrella of wanting to assist women in feeling confident in the skin they’re in. When asked more about her experience of tattooing women, Anka said;

“the thing I love the most about tattooing is that it helps people reclaim their bodies, decorate themselves any way they see fit. I feel so happy when people say, ‘I used to hate that part of my body, but having this tattoo is helping me learn to love it’ it makes all the hard work worth it!”.

Once again I found another connection with Anka and this statement. I feel happy when I hear customers rave about the improvements Saranghae has brought to their skin. Personally, Saranghae has faded my acne scars. And Anka has said,

“I noticed positive changes in my complexion literally days after I started using Saranghae – it really evened out my skin tone and brightened it“.

What does healthy skin mean to you?

While Anka tattoos countless women in efforts of making them feel more comfortable & confident, I gained satisfaction in knowing Saranghae has helped Anka feel more confident too. Of her personal habits, Anka says “I don’t like wearing foundation and only use a little bit of concealer so using Saranghae made a huge difference for my makeup routine. When the skin tone and texture is even, everything just looks 10 times better. I have to spend all day under very bright LED lamps so having healthy skin gives me confidence”. Have you ever walked into a fluorescent lit room and asked, ‘is that what I look like!?’. I have. Many times. Having acne prone skin, I know first hand what those LED lights can do. I, like Anka am very thankful for Saranghae and what it has done for my complexion by evening out tone and texture.

It is easy to exclaim ‘we all need to be more confident!’, but HOW do we get there?

Anka told me that confidence and self love haven’t always come easy, it has been a long and at times painful process, but she is getting there. She let me in on a secret and told me, “doing what I love for a living and having success at it has been an absolute dream come true and a tremendous confidence boost.

I love being in my 30’s and having the best skin of my life is only making it more enjoyable”.

Not only would she make sure to remind her younger self to remove her makeup before bed, she would advise her younger self to “listen to your instincts and intuition and don’t let others detour you from your vision. I started tattooing at 15 and knew this was my craft, but I lost a lot of time because I was lead to believe that it wasn’t a thing you do for a “job”. Getting back into it [tattooing] and following my intuition gave me everything I ever wanted. I also think it’s very important to formulate your goals and get a clear understanding of what it is you want from life”.

Through our conversation it became evident that confidence for Anka, means many different things. Confidence is not tangible, nor can it be bought. Confidence is a collection of factors which all boil down to a feeling within. Anka has found confidence within her career and by tackling insecurities one-by-one. She is an outstanding role model and an incredibly talented woman. Confidence doesn’t always come easy, but the struggle will always be worth it.

Instagram: @anka.tattoo

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