“Your skin looks better than it did a year ago, whatever you’re doing just keep doing it” – Dulce’s Cosmetic Surgeon

I know what you’re thinking… ‘that sounds like BS to me’. Don’t worry, I might think the same.

At Saranghae we receive hundreds of emails everyday, and every once in a while we get an email that makes us really think. The above was part of an email that we received from an AMAZING customer of ours, Dulce Werner, 55.

Like you, we were curious and very excited to know more. It’s not everyday that a cosmetic surgeon vouches for the efficacy of a skin care brand. So we reached out to Dulce and she was more than gracious to tell us more about herself and her Saranghae love story. Thank you, Dulce!

From the moment I spoke to Dulce I knew she was an incredible woman. She shared with me her inspiring story of trial, tribulations & triumph. While it hasn’t always been an easy road being a single mother, she has always kept her head up and now spends her time helping others & sharing her infectious, optimistic attitude.

Dulce runs a small house keeping service and is an Integrative Nutrition Coach. She is currently working towards expanding her coaching business, as nutrition and fitness are both passions of hers.

While talking to Dulce it was evident that she is a hard worker, physical, and passionate in everything she does. But above anything else, it was clear being a mom to her teenage daughter was the most important thing of all to her.

“I love my daughter more than air itself. She is smart, kind, sweet, sassy, loving, 15 years old and without her I would be totally lost.”.

When Dulce asked her daughter how she would describe her, she said, “strong, straight forward, considerate, generous, bad tempered at times, strong willed, hard worker“.

And when we asked Dulce how she would describe herself, she said “I am nothing but a dreamer, a soul that is always in pursuit of happiness. I am a single mom, whose life revolves a bit too much around my child. I am an immigrant, I came to the US when I was 23 years old and have worked in many jobs, from babysitting to construction, to real estate, to housekeeping, very often to survive. And survived I have. I love to exercise, and I am good at many sports – cycling, swimming, weight lifting, volleyball and martial arts. I am always up for a physical/mental challenge, anything that keeps me motivated and moving.”

I TOLD YOU she was an inspiring woman! Now, let’s dive into Dulce’s incredible experience using her Complete 5 Step Routine.

About a year ago, Dulce went to her cosmetic surgeon to address skin concerns she had regarding aging in general. Originally there to discuss a genetic issue concerning drooping eyelids, the conversation turned into speaking about sagging jowls. After much discussion Dulce decided to hold off on both procedures but set a date to return to the office exactly one year later.

“For the last 5 years I’ve been considering having my cosmetic surgeon correct my droopy eyelids. My dad is 84 years old and unfortunately his eyes are almost completely covered by his eyelids, it’s genetic. I really wanted to take care of that now before it became a really big issue.” – says Dulce

“Last year I consulted with a cosmetic surgeon. We talked about my desires and the outcome I could expect with surgery. Then I asked about the sides of my lips and cheeks and the surgeon agreed that the skin was ‘falling’, or ‘sagging’. He could fix both of my issues with a minor face lift. At that time I couldn’t afford the cost of procedures and I wanted some time to think about it so we agreed to re-assess in one years time.” – Dulce explained

Fast forward one year and I was sitting in the exact same chair trying to decide whether I really wanted to spend thousands of dollars on this procedure. My biggest worry was that I wouldn’t look like me after the surgery.”

“Now, about 6 months prior to this visit I purchased first Saranghae Complete 5-Step bundle after a recommendation from a friend of mine. She raved about it and the products were not crazy expensive so why not, I gave it a try. I liked the overall feeling and I got a few compliments so I decided to keep using it. But I never thought it would help with my genetic issues or at least not that much only after a few months, but what happened next was almost unbelievable!” – adds Dulce

“My surgeon checked my face, checked his notes, checked my face again, checked his notes again and back and forth for about 5 minutes with a quizzical look on his face”

“I was thinking Oh god, what else could be wrong? is he going to tell me that I need more work done? How much is that going to cost me? Do I have the budget for it?”

“This is what the my surgeon told me – “well your eyelids haven’t gotten worse but I think you could still use a correction. But hmmm, I don’t think you need anything done on your jowls yet. It’s too much of an invasive procedure for what you’d gain from it.

ACTUALLY, your jowls look better now than it did last year. Whatever you are doing for your skin, just keep doing it.

“What?????? I was elated! First of all I was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t try and over sell me his services AND whattt????? At my age, things get worse, not better!”

“To be honest I had a feeling I was seeing some results but I didn’t want to…you know…get my hopes up. I guess it felt a little too good to be true, but my doctor’s observations confirmed it. My skin IS better, and I haven’t even been using Saranghae that long, maybe two months. I am truly happy about it.

“A bit later he asked about what was I using. I said, I don’t know how to pronounce (haha), but it is called Saranghae! I will always look for ways to improve, not only my body but my mind too. Saranghae has been an absolutely fantastic find. Game changer!!!! The wrinkles around my eyes have softened, maybe even diminished, and the best art my jowls are not that big anymore!!!! Oh yay!!!”

Thank you so much Dulce for your time, patience and sharing your Love Story.

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