6 Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin!

By on January 22, 2019

We all know that nutrition is important for our health. Having an unhealthy diet can damage your metabolism, cause weight gain and even hurt  your organs. A poor diet can affect your heart, liver and even the body’s largest organ – your skin!

There are many internal and external conditions that affect our skin, and unfortunately many are out of our control. Hormonal fluctuations, season changes, and even air pollution are three conditions which can show up in your face as acne. These are natural things you face, things you cannot tell to go away (*eye roll*). However, there is one condition we can control, and that is our diet.

Your skin can say a lot about your health, as your body’s largest organ. The appearance of unhealthy skin can sometimes be an indication that your insides too might be unhealthy. You are what you eat, as they say. To help you on your quest for clear skin, I have made a list of things you might want to consider avoiding. Please don’t be mad at number five.

6 Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin

  1. Coffee
    Yep! That’s right, your morning favorite contains polyphenolic compounds called tannins, and of course caffeine. Consuming too much of coffee tannins can cause blockage of the pores. This can cause an outbreak of acne and result in dull and oily skin. It also causes dehydration and can make your skin look crumbly, dry and rough. If you do decide to keep your morning cup of coffee (or five) just make sure you follow up with some hydration to keep your skin from drying out. I would suggest you substitute the coffee for various herbal teas 😉. Give that a try.
  2. Fried Foods
    This one should not come as a surprise to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are eating fried chicken or fried celery. Deep fried foods can lead to excess oil production within the skin, besides having a bad influence on your complexion. And that is not all – vegetable oils, when superheated are highly oxidative and release free radicals in the body. These free radicals act like toxins and cause your cells, to age faster. Age spots, wrinkles, you name it. So wherever possible, try to go for the grilled, braised or smoked options. They’re so much healthier, and often taste better.
  3. Sugar
    Sugar is never good for your skin or your overall health, it triggers a process called glycation in the blood. This process creates a new molecule called AGEs. AGEs will damage the substances needed to keep your skin clear, and youthful. Such as collagen, fibrin, and elastin, and even cause more acne to show up. The healthier substitute for sugar is stevia or even honey. Stevia is a sweet herb and is 40 times sweeter than sugar.

    Halfway there….

  4. Fruit Juice
    A lot of people think that the fruit juice you buy in a supermarket is a great option for kids or even for adults. Those juices are actually loaded on sugar and not much else. In the making process, all the fibers from the fruit get extracted, leaving behind a high concentration of insulin-spiking sugar. That high amount of sugar can provoke a spike of acne and breakouts. The best option is to stick to actual natural juices made by yourself with the fruits you have at home.
  5. Pizza
    Pizza is an everyone’s favorite and an amazing late-night snack. However, if you are trying to have clear skin, you should avoid eating pizza too often. No matter how old you are, eating a lot of fatty acids can result in oily skin, and even in acne.
  6. Low Fat Yogurt
    Low-fat dairy is a major food to avoid if you have prone acne skin. Those foods can increase acne with a dramatic effect. With high levels of sugar added to make up for the lack of taste that happens after you remove the fat, will dramatically affect your skin and overall health. Added sugar is the most aging and damaging food for your skin that we consume.

The Bottom Line

Always make sure you’re getting enough nutrients to protect your overall health and skin and try avoiding the ones that will cause your acne to act out. The foods on this list are some of many you can avoid in order to keep your body and skin healthy.

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