3 Steps to Washing Your Face The Right Way

By on February 16, 2017

Cleansing your face daily is one of the easiest and most important skin care steps you can do for yourself. Whether you’re prepping your face for a flawless and smooth makeup application in the morning or rinsing away build up and makeup in the evening, it’s important to strike the right balance between a gentle touch so you don’t irritate your skin and firm pressure so your face gets the deep cleanse it needs.

So, how exactly do you do this? Do you cleanse with an exfoliate? What about using hot water vs. cold water? Ahead, we break down the essential steps to properly washing your face, from the products you should be using to the order you should be applying them to the appropriate water temperature when rinsing. Here are a few steps for a cleaner, younger looking and glowing face.

Use An Oil Cleanser

The first step to a cleaner face, and perhaps the most important one, is to remove any trace of makeup with a non-foaming cleanser. Min Jun Lee, Founder of premier Korean skincare system Saranghae suggest an oil cleanser which is simple yet effective. Pour the cleanser onto you (clean) hands, a cotton ball or pad and apply to the face in small circular motions, making sure to be extra gentle around the eyes. Then, rinse off with lukewarm water.

This will clear your skin of product and oil buildup and provide a nice, clean canvas for the next step. “Oil cleansers will actually leave your skin a lot more hydrated and soft than most foaming drugstore brands. It’s a small but simple change but you can really feel the different in your skin” says Min.

Rinse With the Right Temperature Water

“Although it may seem like a minor detail, the temperature of your water is crucial for getting a proper cleanse” adds Min. Avoid using water that’s too hot or too cold — hot water can be extremely drying and can strip the skin of its essential oils, and extreme temperatures in either direction can rupture capillaries or blood vessels. Instead, use lukewarm water to rinse and revive your skin. No need to rub the cleanser off with your hands either.

Use a splashing motion to remove most of the cleanser and you can always use a bit more pressure around the brows to make sure none of it will drip into the eye area.

Pat Dry with a Towel

The skin on your face is delicate. Similar to using your ring finger to dab product onto the eye instead of rubbing it on, the same goes for the use of a towel on your face. That’s because when you wipe excess water away, you’re tugging at the skin.

The likelihood for wrinkles and wear and tear increases, and you’re removing all of the moisture your skin needs prior to product application. A best practice to get used to is to pat your face dry with a clean towel. 

Using a clean towel is key. Using the same towel as you use on your body can spread bacteria and lead to more break outs. Two things no one wants. The ideal practice is to use a new towel daily (a hand towel works great), or a paper towel, to prevent anything that’s been floating around in the bathroom air or the dead skin you sloughed off the day before from getting on your newly cleaned face.

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