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Why Do Some Women Age Faster Than Others?

The Shameful Secrets That Some Cosmetics Companies Don’t Want You To Know

What the heck is going on?

That was the thought running through Samantha Morgan’s mind when she stared at herself in the mirror one morning about a years ago.

Samantha, a dental assistant from San Jose, California has always considered herself relatively healthy. She practices yoga regularly, drinks plenty of water, and consumes a balanced diet. Although she never truly bought in to the luxury skin care craze, she did try a number of popular skin care products such as Olay Regenerist and Estee Lauder Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

But at age 44, she was staring at signs of aging that she had never noticed before: visibly deeper wrinkles, puffy saggy eyes and skin that seemed to look dull and lifeless. What really surprised her was that these signs came quickly. It seemed as if they appeared overnight.

Was it just her imagination or did she just not notice the changes till then? Why didn’t she see these signs before? Just what the HECK was going on?

Look I understand what getting my skin is not going to look the same as I get older and I’m not ready to go under the knife yet. But why is it that I seem to be showing 10 years of aging just in the past few weeks? Is it just me? Am I missing something?

Samantha Morgan

Samantha didn’t know this at the time, but an independent research paper commissioned by the University of California at Berkeley proved 2 aspects of aging (true for both men and women).

2 Irrefutable Facts About Premature Aging

  1. The aging process accelerates with time. For example the average person loses collagen & elastin 1% every year at the age of 18, but by the time you reach 40, the loss of collagen & elastin doubles. And it gets worse as you enter your 50s and 60s.
  2. Your body and your skin ages every day but you may not notice these signs of aging until they build up to a point when they suddenly become visible. It’s called the “tipping point”
Fig. 1.0: Chart of Collage loss from age 18 to 65. Notice the steep drop from just before age of 20

“So what? What options do I have?” – asks Samantha

The Earlier The Better

Welcoming me with a brilliant smile and a friendly handshake, Peter Lee exudes the confident maturity of a man in his late 40s but looks like a man who could pass for 30. Peter, a former Mechanical Engineer is now the President & CEO of Saranghae Means I Love You, one of the fastest growing Korean skin care companies in North America. He says Samantha is asking all the right questions.

“That is the number one question we get at Saranghae. 10 years ago, customers would come in asking for miracle products that would solve all of their problems, but by then it’s almost too late. Now our customers don’t want to wait until it’s too late. The earlier you understand how to treat your skin the better and there is no set age to starting an effective daily anti-aging routine. We have customers that start early as 19 and as late as 65.” – says Peter

Does that mean you can grab the cheapest product on store shelves and slather your face with it? Absolutely not! In fact Peter is adamant that the wrong products can actually make your skin age faster!

“The new and most effective approach is to protect the cells responsible for regeneration, to repair the damaged structures and to maintain the right levels of activity for the self-repairing enzymes. And to be able to do all of this using natural ingredients is what separates the truly great skin care brands from the good ones.” adds Peter

The Hidden Accelerators of Aging

Peter is confident that the days of cheap, all-in-one skin creams found in drug store shelves are over. Made with synthetic petroleum based products and ingredients like formaldehydes, parabens and phthalates, they can actually damage your skin permanently.

Why do traditional cosmetics companies use shady and potentially harmful ingredients in the first place?

Because they are cheap, readily available and make their products last longer on store shelves. Make no mistake, it’s about profits. As long as their customers buy the products and don’t ask any questions, why spend time and money on better but more expensive ingredients?

But according to Peter, that trend is now changing

“In our research, the most popular and effective skin care products are brands that use natural ingredients to offer a step by step methodology to heal, regenerate and repair the skin to produce natural and long term skin health. It’s not about covering up, it’s about healing.”

“Korean brands like Saranghae have been doing this for decades and now they are our most popular skincare products. Our philosophy is much different compared to North American brands. It’s less about quick fixes and more about delivering real skin health through an effective routine.”

Korean beauty is now considered mainstream with retail giants like Sephora dedicating over 30% of retail space to K-beauty brands like Saranghae

“If you browse through a Sephora location, you will notice that 30% of our store shelves are dedicated to Korean Beauty (called K-Beauty). We’re particularly excited about bringing Saranghae to Sephora’s shelves very soon. Saranghae’s Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream one of the most effective anti-aging creams in the market, we already have a strong brand presence online and customers love our approach to skincare. Customers are already asking for Saranghae in Sephora locations.” – says Peter

Why Is Korean Skin Care So Much Better?

Search “Korean Skin Care” in Google and you will be inundated with articles from Vogue to New York Times extolling the virtues of Korean Skin care. Forbes Magazine and Sephora, the world’s largest retailer of cosmetics and skincare recently named South Korea as the most innovative country for anti-aging solutions. In 2014 Korea exported $3 Billion USD of skincare products to the United States alone. In 2020, that figure will reach almost $10 Billion.

The rise in popularity of Korean skin care started with younger consumers proficient in social media who wanted a more holistic and natural experience different from what they’re parents have traditionally used, but that popularity is now reaching over to all ages. Leading this social change is Saranghae.

Mr. Peter Lee’s modern yet traditional Korean skin care line is proving to be a hit a more mature North American audience which may spell trouble for traditional brands like L’Oreal & Estee Lauder.

If you’ve never heard of Peter Lee that’s perfectly fine with him because that’s exactly how he likes it. Peter admits to feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight but believes that over time, his attention to detail and an ‘engineering’ approach to skincare will win customers.

Sitting in his office in downtown Toronto, Peter smiles as he reminisces about the early days. He looks at least 15 years younger than his 46 years of age and although he carries a degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of the best Engineering school in Canada, he proudly announces that he is a skin care fanatic.

Saranghae President & CEO: Peter Lee at his office in Toronto

“When I was growing up in South Korea, I watched my mother make skin creams using wild plants, flowers and herbs she would collect herself. It’s an old recipe that’s been in our family for hundreds of years. Due to my mother’s insistence, my siblings and I have been using our home grown skin creams since our teens but only later on in University did I realized that my mother’s concoctions could be something big in North America.”

“In 1993, I was a freshman at the University of Waterloo. I was sitting at the cafeteria when a very attractive young woman walked over to my table, sat down beside me and asked me a question. At first I was just shocked since this sorta thing didn’t happen often, actually never! She asked me – What do you do for your skin? Your skin looks really good. It looks like it’s glowing! I had all of these cool, witty answers go through my head but in the end I simply answered. Umm, my mom makes really great skin creams, would you like to try some?”

“Her name was Jodie and you could say she was our first North American customer. But I knew I had stumbled onto something the day my customer list hit 500 through only word of mouth (this was way before social media).”

“After I graduated I worked for Toyota a an engineer for a number of years and then worked in a number of technology start ups but about 4 years ago I decided it was time to really pursue something I really loved. That’s how Saranghae Means I Love You was founded.

I’m extremely happy and excited that we can take what my mother created all those years ago and share it with the world. The response has been overwhelmingly positive” – says Peter.

What Makes Saranghae So Unique?

“Saranghae is unique, there is no formulation like it in the world” – starts Peter

“Our primary ingredient is the Korean Sang Hwang mushroom, which has been used for medicinal purposes 1,500 years. In Korea, people brew it and drink it in tea form for it’s universal health benefits. That’s why we call it the “healing mushroom”. Studies show that the Sang Hwang mushroom is really effective at eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and neutralizing free radicals that cause skin aging in the first place.”

“Other skin care companies acknowledge the benefits of the Sang Hwang mushroom but it is a very expensive ingredient and working with the mushroom is pretty tricky. That is why currently, Saranghae is the only brand in North America that features this rare and powerful ingredient (but more are sure to follow in the coming years).” – explains Peter

A cross section of the Korean Sang Hwang Mushroom. High in antioxidants and a unique active ingredient in Saranghae Firm & Lift Cream

“But at the end of the day, our customer don’t really care how or why, they just want to see real results. I think that’s the reason why we’ve proven so popular in such a short amount time. Our customers consistently see less wrinkles, less skin discoloration and a firmer and tighter skin in just 45 days of use. It’s quite simple, just try it and see for yourself.” – says Peter

Why Is Saranghae So Effective?

To understand just how Saranghae works, we need to understand how our skin’s aging process works.

As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and skin thickness because the loss in collagen and elastin accelerates. Starting at the age of 18, the average person loses 1% of collagen every year. At the age of 30, you are losing about 1.5% of collagen each year.

By the time you reach 40 that number increases to 2%. This causes your skin to decrease in thickness by 9% every 10 years. That loss in collagen and elastin does not slow down, it only accelerates as we reach our 50s and 60s.

Fig. 2.0: Cross section of younger & mature skin

Peter Lee walks us through how Saranghae directly solves this problem.

First, what we want to avoid is covering up the problem areas with oils and fillers which will just lead to more damage over time. We then need to support the skin natural healing process by supplying the right nutrients at the right time and in the right amounts. Lastly we need to help our skin form a strong barrier against free radicals which leads to premature skin aging.

Saranghae’s hero product, the Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream is proven to do exactly that by focusing on these 3 areas:

1) Heal and Repair Damaged Skin

The Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream supplies the skin cells with essential nutrients. These nutrients boost your skin’s natural waste recycling process called ‘autophagy’. It dramatically improves the skin’s internal immune function by increasing cellular mitochondrial activity. Saranghae helps your skin to heal and repair continuously while you sleep, work or play.

2) Regenerate Healthy Skin

Internal studies have shown that the Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream stimulates 200% more collagen and elastin production at the cellular level. Collagen & Elastin are the proteins that give your skin a youthful, healthy and radiant glow. Saranghae’s powerful antioxidants give your skin cells the necessary hydration and nutrients to keep producing more collagen and elastin, essentially regenerating new and youthful skin.

3) Protect Your Beautiful Skin

The final phase is to protect that beautiful skin. The Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream is specifically formulated with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients designed to protect against pollution and free radicals in order to reduce skin inflammation. Saranghae creates and maintains a protective barrier that fights against the harmful effects of toxins, pollution, UV rays and sagging effects due to gravity. Think of it as a shield created by your own skin using powerful and natural ingredients.

Used consistently, Saranghae’s Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream will deliver healthy and glowing skin that will look 10 to 15 years younger.

Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream

Dr. Hyang-Seon Ro, the founder & CEO NOWCOS of one of the largest skincare manufacturing firms in South Korea predicts big things for Sarangahe globally.

“Consumers in Europe and North America will be extremely pleased with Saranghae. Never has there been a brand that has so perfectly extracted the benefits of luxurious and highly effective Asian Anti-Aging botanicals. There is nothing like it in the world right now. We are proud to support Saranghae’s rapid expansion within the US market and fully expect Saranghae to be a leader in championing a new breed of natural but powerful anti-aging lines.”

Dr. Hyang-Seon Ro, Founder, Nowcos Co. LTD

So Does Saranghae Actually Work?

Kim Jones runs a popular blog called “thebraggingmommy”, who recently reviewed the Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream. She explains the reason for her love relationship with Saranghae.

I’ve really been looking for a product that would even out my skin tone to give my skin a smoother look, and that is exactly what Saranghae does for me! This is a 5-step skincare system that includes a cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, night serum, and a mask. Now it sounds like a lot, but you really only use a few of the products at a time so it’s very simple and quick.”

Kim Jones, thebraggingmommy.com

Great face-care regimens are hard to come by when you have sensitive skin like I do. It seems like most collections I try make me break out, dry out, or oil out (is that a thing?). Fortunately, I found one that is a perfect fit for my skin! I was sent the 5-step Anti Aging Skincare system from Saranghae, and I am absolutely loving it!!

Kim Jones, The Bragging Mommy (www.thebraggingmommy.com)

Kim is just one of hundreds of bloggers that are raving about this Korean skincare brand. A quick snapshot of comments on their Facebook page is shown below.

Will Saranghae Work For You?

A lot of consumers in the U.S. are curious about Korean beauty but not sure where to start because they often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices available and aren’t familiar with the brands.

The award winning Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream is the perfect way to try what industry experts are calling the next big beauty revolution. Saranghae’s patented technologies, use of rare & unique ingredients like the organic Sang Hwang mushroom and their dedication to world class customer experience simply makes sense.

For more information on Saranghae click on the link below.

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