It’s All About A Routine

Guest blogger Jamie Lynn, shares her advice for beginners on the importance of a routine. Degree in fashion design, Mom of 4, Loving wife, pursuing her MFA, this list goes on. Jamie is completely in love with her magical life where her kisses have the ability to heal boo-boos and her hugs can dry out a dam…


Take The Compliment, Embrace The Love

Guest blogger, Michelle Gillette is here to chat about love, life and a compliment.  Michelle Gillette is a 4x Certified Brain Health coach, a Functional Medicine Coach, a Certified Life Coach, a wife and a mother of two teens and a 50+ Lifestyle Model. (She’s also a recovering perfectionist who has learned to balance her…


My Saranghae Journey: Enhancing Self-Love

Guest Blogger & Saranghae Socialite, Sarah shares her skin and self love journey….  Growing up, I’ve always had great skin and was lucky enough to carry that trait into to my adult years.  Although my face has remained clear, I’m still a victim of random pimples from time to time, a bit of discoloration here…


5 Tips To Be The Best You in 2019!

Each year when December 31st rolls around and the clock strikes midnight, a new year arrives. New year resolutions and new year parties are in full swing, but after this day does anything really change? What was your new year resolution for 2019 – was is to go to the gym and be more active?…

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A Saranghae #LoveStory with Marisa Weingarten

Originally from a small, rural town in Argentina, I immigrated to Los Angeles at twenty-two years old. All I had was four hundred dollars, and a dream to build my life here. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t speak English, didn’t have any friends, and definitely wasn’t used to a big…